Friday, February 9, 2007

Integration and encouragement

Today at lunch I had a soothing and encouraging conversation with a friend from school named David. He of course echoed other wise folk (yes you blog readers) who keep saying this journey is something for me to celebrate. He also said that I come across as someone who has a strong identity and spirituality and I don't need to be fearful of getting swept away into anything. We talked about things like integrity, wholeness, and freedom. In particular freedom to trust myself enough to just "let go" and enjoy meeting people. Good word.

Generally he is a good resource for me as someone who is safe, wise, gay and knows the Chicago community. Zuzu you will be happy to hear he invited me to visit his open and accepting church.

On the whole dating front I said no thank you to one person. I have never in my life had to do that before. I hated it. But it really really wasn't a fit! And on the topic of the person who I was going to go out with, who had to reschedule... It looks like we will still go out but she also wanted me to know that she also just started talking with someone else, but that person lives far away so she doesn't know if it will work out.

I figured I am still up for at least meeting her, if they are just talking. Dumb, or not? After today's conversation about just letting go and meeting people it does not seem too dumb to me. But what do I know!

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