Friday, April 24, 2009


I feel so accepted and edified by some key people in my life right now. A pastor and professor in my denomination just called to tell me they would love to come to my reception. They were so pleased to receive my invitation and so edifying of my worth and my journey.

And then I had the opportunity to tell some of my story to someone today over lunch. That's a pretty rare occurrence. And in the midst of it they said maybe someday I will come back and tell my story in this denomination of mine. I think that is more than I hope for right now. I am in many ways cutting ties to this church of my birth. But it felt really sweet that someone thought that could ever happen.


Zuzu said...

this gave me chills

slashdotmad said...

hey, I'm really happy for both of you and it's great there's this openness and willingness around you. good luck with everything!

shenny said...

hey, I chanced upon your blog via another friend's blog. It's wonderful to read blogs written by gay christians. Keep writing. I am encouraged by your insights.

Anonymous said...

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