Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My blogging plan until I graduate

Just so you know I am going to just be posting about once a month until I graduate. I think this is wise since I want to respect boundaries I have set up during internship. And since I rather explain any future moving and marriage plans I may have in person.

I will blog more regularly in a few months (May/June 2009) either here, or by starting a new more professional blog. Most likely a more professional blog.

The Christmas plan includes Lo coming here to spend Christmas all on our own. (Very exciting) And then I fly off closer to new years to visit the family. I am an aunt now so that will be a good distraction.

For now you can see me in action here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/101oranges


Random Reflections said...

It's a shame you won't be about so much, but we will be expecting a post every month though!

I hope your studies and wedding plans etc go well.

By the way I think there is something strange about how the main page on your blog is loading at the moment. I can't really describe what it is - sort of extra green lines that mean the bottom of this post can be read but you can't click on the comments button etc, so the only way to leave commenst os by clicking on the post title.

titration said...

rr - hey thanks I fixed it. And I'll still check out your blog.

Cheryl said...

So good to see you back...even if only for a moment. :)

Hope everything's going well for you and Lo, and hope you have a wonderful holiday!! Safe travel!!