Sunday, November 23, 2008

Here comes thanksgiving

So I'm going to spend thanksgiving with Lo's family in Miami! I do not remember ever being to Miami. I'm excited. Meeting new people and time in some sun (perhaps). Should be interesting.

I also saw an awful image online and am still finding it upsetting. Surfing for some positive happy image to replace it.


(no subject) said...

was it the awkward pic on postsecret? i think it got us all. *shivers*

have fun in miami!!!! don't forget your sunblock!!!

happy thanksgiving!!

Zach said...

Positive happy images.

titration said...

It was that awful image. Seriously if you are reading this do not go there!

And Z or whoever just posted that. Thanks much for the positive happy image reminder. :) grin.

titration said...

No I'm really serious. don't. Think happy thoughts. Read things like instead.