Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The not so great blogger....

I think all bloggers hit a patch where they don't blog as much. That would be me right now. I don't need to kill my blog off or anything yet, but you may not hear form me much being I don't use my blog to process much anymore.

If I was going to blog about anything right now it would be politics. I have been doing a ton of reading of political news. But, the one time I tried that I got a bit of flack. Even more of a reason though is that a blogger I used to read took his psychology blog and turned it into a political blog. I get so ticked off at it I stopped reading. I suppose that was because I see things differently than him. :) hmm.

Any of you have blogs that you used to read and now don't any more?


Suzanne said...

You have official been memed. Having just been memed myself I assume that it’s a verb. Anyway, if you feel like playing along then simply follow this link so that your readers can learn six more things about you.

Rachel said...

i'm not so great a blogger either
i usually only keep up with you (which i obviously havent been...seeing that I'm in Russia) and one other woman
and i dont think anyone keeps up with me
take care :)

titration said...

suzanne and rachel...

thanks for visiting and rachel I do keep up with you just not so often. :) I think blogs are falling out of favor but it still is nice to have a space like this sometimes.