Friday, October 17, 2008

Going to check out Art Therapy today

Today I am going to go and try out art therapy. I'm pretty excited. I sometimes wonder if I would enjoy being an art therapist so I'm going to go and see what I think by doing. Since I'm required to go to counseling for school I figure I should try out as many types of counseling as possible. Here's a link to learn more about art therapy.
Through creating art and reflecting on the art products and processes, people can increase awareness of self and others, cope with symptoms, stress, and traumatic experiences; enhance cognitive abilities; and enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of making art.

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Anonymous said...

I do my own version of art therapy by journaling in a big blank art notebook. I usually use magazine clippings to make collages. If I had wound up going into counseling as a profession I'm sure I would have maximized this medium. I used it a lot when I interned at the women's shelter in college. I hope you enjoy your experience! -MVL