Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thoughts on therapists

I have been sitting here reading psychoanalytic theory in my favorite library for a while this afternoon. And I keep thinking about my experience with therapy. I think therapy is really great. It's helpful but.... hmmm. Let's not use the word but. How about I write a BOTH/AND statement that links contradictory statement together (an assignment I give people to do when I counsel).

My BOTH/AND statement on counseling.
I know that in counseling it's best to share everything with your therapist. AND I don't feel like my current counselor can handle that AND Ironically - I feel exactly the same way about my family - eg. they can't handle me sharing things AND so these feelings are probably a projection AND I still want to quit counseling AND Not only would I miss out on exploring a projection/transference thing then I would also have to find someone new. That would not be fun. AND My school requires us to be in therapy AND if I do not like therapy or my counselor I should at least know why AND I have no idea AND so I'm going to just sit with this until I know a bit more.

Of course I read about projections and transference while thinking about my own experiences of it. Basically I find making no rash moves and sitting with something is the best way to tell if I am experiencing a transference that's family related or I am just sick of this type of therapy. I can also see a spiritual director and meet the requirement for school. That would be fun.

Yeah, both/and statements.

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~Deb said...

Isn't transference the "illusion" of being infatuated with the therapist, out of their ability to relate or solve your problems? I guess there are more definitions to it, like passing aggressions onto them as well?

In my experience, and "current experience", I find that therapists are merely humans. Some go by the book and make you figure it out all by yourself, and some are opinionated, like my fella, who seemingly has views that are unlike mine so drastically that I really believe he's from another planet. Granted, I love his intelligence and views---he keeps me entertained, however I would never take his advice, only because I think it's highly irrational.

I go to him because no one else has my insurance and it's too damn expensive to find another one and too exhausting to 'start all over'.

I really believe I give him therapy instead.


I really should get paid! (ha)

Ok, time to take my meds!