Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I heart Marcus j Borg - And I just learned he has a blog!

Lo and I (actually more her than me) have been reading Marcus J. Borg's books. Borg advocates entering into relationship with God as more important than belief about God. His books are really helpful for me. The way he presents Christianity is spacious and makes intellectual sense. I've had both Evangelical's and Catholics recommend him to me. He defined the "emerging" (different than emergent) church, which does not mean what you think it does.

Here's his blog.

I find it an interesting coincidence that multiple people have recommended I read him in the last six months. I like when that happens, when there is a synergy of people all telling you the same thing. :) The older I get and the more I learn the more I adore mainline denominations and their theologicans. Borg and Barbara Brown Taylor the most. Amazing!
Borg is Former president, Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars holds the Hundere Chair in Religion and Culture in the Philosophy Department at Oregon State University. A fellow of the Jesus Seminar, he has served as national chair of the Historical Jesus Section of the Society of Biblical Literature and co-chair of its International New Testament Program Committee, and is past president of the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars

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Cheryl said...

Marcus Borg rocks!! His book, The Heart of Christianity, is awesome. Glad you're finally getting around to reading his stuff