Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go watch this movie... no seriously now, go rent it

Watched this movie tonight and it is the cutest movie ever. It's beautiful and a fun story. And if it wasn't about a very awkward cute gay couple my parents could even like it because it has no swearing or sex scenes or violence or anything. It's a good movie. I even picked it up at blockbuster. Plus it's funny because the straight people in this little town play match maker which is quite comedic.

The movie is called Big Eden.


John said...

I love that movie! IMO this is by far the absolute best of the gay genre. I've seen some other good ones I recommend (Shelter, Mambo Italiano, etc.), but this is my fav! Get the DVD with all the extra stuff, quite enjoyable.

~Deb said...

OMG this looks hysterical! I am totally renting that for the big Nor'easter this weekend!

Thank you! This entire movie cast looks really good!