Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things that aren't related

A list of things that aren't related. Because I'm random like that.
  • After looking and looking for hard drives although I did like the lego blocks (from my previous post on hard drives) in the end this one was cuter. I searched a lot time for it so I hope it works! It's cute and tiny. Plus the price was good. I got it for $80 off amazon and that was the cheapest I found.
  • I just got to skype chat with my friend Bobbie in Jordan. She is so fantastic I can't believe she's been there a year!

  • Then sadly I know this is what you always want to read about on a blog.... My cramps this morning were so painful I threw up three times. Gross! Why the hell do they affect me like this sometimes and not others. I sure wish I knew.


(no subject) said... computer ended up being sent out for the damamge. i've been looking into external hard-drives and i was wondering how the one you bought is, cuz if i remember right you have a mac too.

titration said...

I'll let you know when I get it. :) Haven't gotten it yet.