Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have a random, yet strong love for the black national anthem

I have always had a strong love for the black national anthem. In fact, I usually get all teary when I hear it. And I think all together I've spent a good couple hours online just looking for videos of people singing it, because I like it that much (no, not all today. I did work today). I've been having conversations with Lo about issues of race and culture, systematic racism and white privilege. So I just felt like posting this in honor of those conversations and the very small attempts I try to make some days (too few days I must say) to fight racism.

I will never forget the day that I wandered around an exhibit of historical photos near the Martin Luther King Jr. Museum. It was a traveling exhibit of photos white people took of "events" where they hung people. Most of them were from hangings in the South (plus a few in Northern Minnesota!!!). A lot of them looked like it was a picnic or family reunion with the exception of the person hanging from a rope dead.

I was with a very godly and wise black woman who's uncle was hung. Can you imagine seeing pictures that could be your uncle hanging from a tree? After that, after seeing those tears, I knew in a different way how racism affects families for generations.

So since I've been thinking about these things here's my two favorite youtube videos of the song, one serious and one endearing. First the more serious version.

Second here's a girl singing the song shyly in a way that's super endearing. I'm amazed how great it sounds, since she's in a car! I watched about three times because I liked it and then I watched it a couple more trying to figure out if she has her tongue pierced or not.

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i love the second one too!!!! and what d'you think about her tongue? i think she does, especially with the lisp at the beginning