Friday, July 18, 2008

I can get Pandora Radio on my iphone - Now that's cool!

I just upgraded my iphone/itunes software so it has the new apps store. Basically what this means is I have some new cool toys. My favorite is Pandora. It's like having radio on my iphone. Everywhere I go I can listen to a radio station created just for me based on any song, artist, or genre. It's pretty cool. I'm currently listening to Jacqui Naylor Radio, it's jazz. It plays other artists that I might like "if I like Jacqui Naylor". So the last song was "Too Close for Comfort" by Dianne Reeves. Damn, these iphones are fun and so is pandora. The human genome project is so impressive! You can use it on your computer as well. :)

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