Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sermon on homosexuality part 1

Thank you all for your comments and cheerleading on the last post. I have only a few minutes before going to a book fair but wanted to at least share a my first response on church and the sermon on homosexuality before I go. The first thing my pastor said was "Do not walk out. Just stay and hear me out." So I didn't walk out. Here's the thing...

He talked about how judgemental christians can be, read a letter from a gay christian friend of mine, and talked about how you can be christian and gay. But, he also said he thinks having sex outside a marriage between a man and a woman is sin... amongst his gay/lesbian friends some agree with him and some disaggree with him.

The best this church can do I think is call people to not shun "gay couples". AND to support gay people who are trying to be celebite or who are struggling. He did not say you have to change which I appreciated. It was fairly similar to the chapter in the book "unchristian" if you have read that. 

Still obviously I see things differently. I didn't walk out. I felt it was mixed messages which I shall try to explain later. 
More later. 

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Anonymous said...

We prayed for you at church, and several friends of mine came up to me afterwards to send their personal messages of well wishes to you as you are faithful to who you are! Can't wait to here more.