Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In one year my life will be different

I have had VERY LITTLE change in my life in the last seven years. Same job, same friends, same location.... This year I've already gone through a good amount of change. Coming out, dating, adjusting to being out in some areas.

Here are just a few of the changes that will happen in the next year. I will graduate from school. I will have to decide what to do next regarding work. My office may move arond the time I have to make that decision. Or in other words, whatever I do in the next year and a half there will be change (office moving). Crazy stuff. It must be my 7 year itch. :)

Wonder if people really do change every seven years?

In other news: This weekend I will be at a prayer conference with my mom. Wish me luck. I am quite sure i will have something new to blog from there! It's likely I'll be blogging from my iphone. :)

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Zuzu said...

have a great time at the conference! Sorry I've been so quiet.. most of the time these days there's a baby in my arms. best thing on the planet to have in my arms... /sigh.