Saturday, May 31, 2008

Voice opinions and stotries

nosubject posted this. The office of the governor of california has set up a hotline public opinion vote on the recent CA supreme court decision regarding equal marriage. it's a completely automated system and it's not, repeat NOT, limited to california residents. i just called it myself. it was busy the first two ties, but the third time i got through, and it took maybe ten seconds.

to voice your opinion:
1. call 1-916-445-2841
2. press options 1 (english), 5 (to vote), 1 (LGBT issue), 1 (vote yes)

And below is a "shorter" version (it was long so I cut it) of a request by an arist for stories about what you have been denied because you are gay.

Tell your story to an artist I am an artist. A painter. I am currently exploring a very personal theme entitled, Modulation of Memory. In the exploration of this new theme my sexuality kept niggling its way into my more nostalgic memories...I began to think of the theme of what I have been denied in my life because I’m am gay.

I have been denied responsible and positive homosexual role models. I have been denied the right to be with my first true Love for the rest of my life because of the intense cultural and societal moirĂ©s. He feared rejection and feared causing his parent emotional pain. I have been denied the right to feel safe, as a younger man, exiting gay night clubs for fear of a basher ready to beat the shit out of some faggot. I have been denied the right to freely and openly share and talk about the fact I’ve found love.

So here is where you come in. I need YOUR experiences. You can tell me in a simple statement or a full blown short story length letter. Your words will be attributed as anonymous, if you wish, or to you should you choose to divulge your name to me and ask to be attributed. You must state that you want your name to appear with your words, pictures, videos whatever you choose to send in.

Your words WILL be presented along with any painting, stop motion video, photography, or any digital media including websites, or print media or any other media I, the artist choose to present the concept in. Again if you would like your words, recorded or written, pictures or videos, composed music, or any other type of media you choose to submit attributed to anyone other then “anonymous” you should include your name in your email. It is the artist’s discretion as to how your words or experiences will be worked into the piece. Your words will not be taken out of context without the viewer having access to your full document so that the original intent of your words will always be known.

In the interest of full disclosure of the artist’s intent, you should understand that, it is the artist’s intention for this conceptual art piece/pieces to draw public awareness and scrutiny about the issue of the continued denial of same sex marriages in much of the world, and denial of many other liberties because of sexual orientation. Please, I want this to be a project with a global voice. Make your submissions in any language.

Lesbian. Gay. Transsexual. Transgendered. Bi. Straight. Please share your story with me. What have YOU been denied because of your sexual orientation?

Please post this in your blogs, email it to friends, do anything that might get it spread around. Link to it, cut and paste it, whatever. Please take a moment and help me get this message out to even just one more person. Without the stories this project is dead in the water.

James Cre@mer. Submissions may be emailed Project updates and info will be posted at as things progress [site is still under construction as of June 2008 but you can get the jist of things to come]

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