Monday, May 26, 2008

North Carolina Laws, what?!

Yesterday was a pretty productive day for me. Besides making turkey chili, going running, and going to church I spent all the rest of my time finishing my paper on gambling. I am going to email it in today. 

Right before bed however I made the mistake of going online to read blogs. What I found depressed me. North Carolina has a CAN law. Which stands for crimes against nature and it's the law they use to arrest gay people. Even though it was struck down by the supreme court it seems Police in Raleigh North Carolina used it to arrest two men. Granted it was a much more complicated situation but I still freaked out a bit. Read about it below:
"Last night in my state, two men, in what appears to be a domestic dispute/sexual assault case that occurred in private, were charged by the police under the North Carolina's ridiculous "crimes against nature" law (CAN). From the Raleigh N&O:"

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