Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things I've learned

I was reading William Stafford, a poet last night to Lo and then this morning because I'm bringing a poem of his to school to read today. And he had a poem where he just listed the things he's learned in his week. So I thought I'd try it. He had a lot more nature observations in his, like how he learned ants usually pass each other on the right. Mine, not so much. :)

Things I've learned

When listening to someone talk
of rules, have to's, "where it's written", rightness and on-and-on
and rigid conversations of grace, where I feel none in, or about them
I feel unable to connect with God. I have to leave to hear.

When listening to someone talk
of parables, metaphor, and personal "I" stories
while embodying grace like a poem, yet never saying the word, I want more.
God is present. I want to put the moment in my pocket.

When speaking of the world and others
if my monologue is an air filled, cotton candy, exercise
a plank to walk, a rant, or letting off steam
then there is nothing left over in the end.

When my speaking of the world and others
if my conversation is like a delightful jiggly jello mold
bringing giggly joy and color, or like a flower or pillow
then rest and joy are birthed.

When doing, stuff and tasks and writings
if I don't start, nothing gets done.
of course. "Duh", you say.

When doing, stuff and tasks and writings
if I do like this weekend, the most important first
my other tasks just fall into the container of the weekend
I get twice as much done.

But mostly I've learned in listening and speaking and doing
that context and being open to what is matters and
it's best to be ready for the mystery of the unexpected.

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Casdok said...

You can learn much by really listening (and reading blogs!)