Friday, April 18, 2008

My thoughts in bullet points

My friend Anita thinks in bullet points. It's even how she journals. So every once in a while I try it. It can be pretty random. :)
  • I have to get my Dad's birthday present! Why are dad's so hard to buy for?
  • I have to turn in my resume for internship. Is this where I want to do my internship?
  • I fear being an unreflective person! I've been so "in the moment" I haven't been writing in my journal or even blogging very deeply. What if I forget how great things are right now? Hmmm.
  • AND I've been told I think/reflect too much and am not in the moment enough so maybe this is a good thing.
  • People keep saying I look happy. Um. Sweet. But what did I look like before?
  • I'm reading "The voice of knowledge" by Don Miguel Ruiz AND "If God is Love" by Gulley and Mulholland right now.
  • My 35th birthday was so lovely. I felt so loved and content. Just really really content. Can I "can" these feelings to keep in my cupboard?
  • I need to write a paper for my counseling of men class. But I keep not feeling like it. I am procrastinating.
  • My build-a-bear bear smells like Lo. See picture. I kissed the heart that is in it.
  • Lo left love notes in my apartment. (big grin)
  • I discovered "Chanti" wine. It's pretty good.
  • I just taught a college class tonight. I do love substitute teaching better than being the only teacher. All the fun without any of the pressure.
  • This life of mine right now is so wonderful. Can I please keep it? Seriously. I really really like my life right now.


Heidi said...

Awwwww, I like your random thoughts 'bullet' post....I am smiling at the thought of how content you are right now. I think its what life is meant to be able to savor moments and memories, to really cherish them. You don't need to 'can' them...I assure you they are stored....embrace it for what it is, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

How you used to look: happy, like you were trying to enjoy life, like you sometimes couldn't let yourself enjoy life because there was so much to think about (racism, theological doctrine, family conflict, etc.), like you were always searching and only sometimes finding.

How you look now: gloriously happy, relaxed, content, like you've found what you've been searching for, like you can contextualize more (knowing that racism, theological doctrine, and family are still important things to think about and work on, but they can sometimes be bracketed and put to the side while you work on other things), like you have a very fun secret that you might be willing to share.

Oh, and by the way, to what internship have you decided to apply? The close to work option that would broaden your scope of experience, or the LGBT center that's farther away from work but very, very cool?

(no subject) said...

i definitely understand the "People keep saying I look happy. Um. Sweet. But what did I look like before?" bullet, i felt/feel the same way!!!

i also understand your last bullet. isn't it amazing?! i'm so happy that you are so in love with your life right now and i'm praying that it stays that way for you!

good luck with your internship decision!

But Why? said...

...and may I say what a lovely set of bullets you have, too.

Does Anita actually think in bullet points, like seeing bullet points in her mind? One of my university friends thinks in strings of text - he describes it as having a ticker tape of thoughts running through his mind. I think mostly verbally, 'hearing' my thoughts. I've never heard of anyone thinking in bullet points, but if yours are anything to judge by, maybe I should try it!

Clouded Grace said...

i finally posted! hehe
i'm praying you find a can big enough to contain this great big wonderful life of yours :)
thanks for the advice

Anonymous said...

That last bullet was cute. That's awesome that you love your life right now and want to keep it. I can remember a time where I was just begging for a refund or an exchange or something on my life.

You know, in reading about how content you feel right now, it reminds me of the verse 1 Corinthians 14:33a ,"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace...". Maybe that's an indication that things are heading in the right direction with your life.


Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

Good stuff. Is that your arm and is that a tattoo I spy there ?

titration said...

Seems bullet points are good for blogging eh. Lots of comments. Or maybe that's just because I haven't blogged as much recently. :)

Thanks one and all. And who are you anonymous? freyasings? j? um....

lksn - yes that is my tattoo. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, FreyaSings is the culprit of the first anonymous post (how you used to look...) Sorry!
On, and by the way, I often still get stuck in the "Can I let myself be happy when there's so much in the world to be concerned about" stage!