Thursday, March 27, 2008

Top 6 favorite things about dating

What? You all knew that I was going to cave and have to talk about dating and all didn't you? OK so to catch any people up. This is my first relationship ever so I just wanted to capture some things I like. To remember what's great about it.

So here's my top ten favorite things about dating...
  1. Sharing food. We shared almost every meal when I was on vacation. I think with the exception of one breakfast because I really like egg dishes (Omelets etc.) and she doesn't. Sigh I wish I was eating that Dill, goat cheese, red and yellow peppers, and mushroom omelet right now! It was amazing.
  2. Holding hands while driving. So I like all things better when holding hands but in particular I'm a fan of holding hands while driving. I have this fantasy of having someone hold my right hand/arm while I drive on a long road trip because this was the arm that I used to cut and there just something healing about that. :)
  3. Watching movies with someone I can hide behind. Lo and I watched a movie at some friends place and at the gross or scary parts I could bury my face in her shoulder.
  4. Being woken up by a person not an alarm clock. Being single my whole life I've always woken up to alarm. My favorite waking up experience on this trip was one day when I took a quick nap and Lo came in to wake me up. She got really close and cuddly and said it was time to wake up. I felt so warm, cuddly, at peace, rested, liked. It was great. Of course naps are great too.
  5. Having someone to do creative things for. I made her this mini-Easter egg hunt in her house and I put little messages and presents in the Easter Eggs for her to find. She got a kiss every time she found one. I've also been painting her little mini paintings for our dates.
  6. Pull verses push sharing. What I mean by this is usually for friends you hang out and you push your sharing. Not that you are pushy and they even may ask but the energy is different than when in a relationship. In a relationship your significant other pulls sharing out more than you push it towards them. Does this make any sense? It's not about asking questions but about the flow of vulnerability.
How about you? Any favorite things you like (or have liked...) about dating or relationship?


Zuzu said...

Touching toes while reading or talking.
Sharing experiences.
Talking in bed at night.
Laughing - big belly laughs.
Those are a few that come to mind... - Zu

Cheryl said...

I like your list, but you said top TEN. Where are the other four? Are are they too personal to post? ;)

Anonymous said...

Having someone take care of me when I get sick.

Getting to use the "2-for-1" restaurant deals that come with my public radio membership.

Being able to wake someone up in the middle of the night when I have an anxiety attack.

Sharing chores (although the dividing up of chores is a new dilema!)

Being able to cook a good meal at home, without the prospect of having to eat the rest as left-overs for the next 6 days.