Friday, February 8, 2008

A review of Gay Christian podcasts

I listen to podcasts a lot. So I've taken some time to type out a bit of what I know about each of these three. For each podcast I say what I like and what I would change. If you know of any others do tell me about them.

GCN Radio podcast.
Currently hosted by two people, Justin (see picture) and Nate. What I like: The conversation between the hosts and that regular listeners call in. They cover some good topics. My favorite podcasts so far have been on people's secrets. What I would change? The intro. which is good the first time but after 5 starts to get annoying. And they haven't done a podcast since December.

O God I'm Gay podcast
with host Alicia Ross. What I like: There's no cheesiness and it feels real. Alicia is a natural host and she brings in guests who address spirituality, GLBT, and societal issues. I also like that she addresses issues of race and culture. What I would change: Some of her guests talk for too long. She also hasn't had a podcast since December.
Whosoever Godcast

Whosoever founder and editor Candace Chellew-Hodge. What I like: Some of the more interesting podcasts here have been author interviews. I'm glad this podcast exists but it is not my most favorite. I can't figure out why. What I would change: The intro. music and the tone which are similar to the Christian radio I grew up with. This may be a podcast for older GLBT christians.
So do you all have any GLBT type podcasts you listen to?

I do have one more lgbt podcast I listen to, but it's not at all Christian. a lesbian podcast is done by a hilarious lesbian couple. They post quite often (usually weekly) which is fun. When I'm trying to get my butt around the track or to go just 5 more minutes on some machine I choose to listen to them. I find they distract me FAR more than any of these other three. Be fair warned though if you are someone who hates swearing or talk of sex or rants or... :)


Casdok said...

Ive never listened to a podcast! Thank you for the introduction, will check them out!

Michael said...

I'll give these a whirl. Kind of depressing that some haven't posted since December. I really like the Feast of Fools podcast. It would fall under the category of your last review: not for the faint (or pious) of heart.