Sunday, February 24, 2008

Poem: About nots

My silent retreat was great, for all you who wondered. I highly recommend it. Drawing, poems, meditation, conversations with Nic, long walks with the deer (see picture) and I read four books. Here's a poem from my weekend. It has nothing to do with the picture. :)

Poem: About Nots

My greatest fear was that I would not...
That I would be _____.
That I would "not" like she has.

Not, not be alone like her, because I'm stronger than that.
Not, not "be", because she is, and I am!
But, that I would not wildly pursue love.

That I would be stagnant
Afraid of love and life "with"
solely due to my sexual orientation.

That fear of judgment
would abort abundant life.
That love would be still born
in my womb of legalistic christian perfection.

That I would "not" let the life
that wants to live in me, live.

A life of risk and kisses
A life of sweetness and embodiment
A life that risks for love without fear.

That I would "not" let love drive out fear.


Heidi said...

Very reflective....I can feel your weekend. are.

Louise said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing and being who you are. You inspire me to do the same in my life.

clouded grace said...

I love it :)

Casdok said...

Lovely poem.
And the retreat sounds just what i need!

But Why? said...

Beautiful poem. The retreat sounds wonderfully calming and peaceful.

titration said...

Thanks for all the cheerleading all. :)