Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sense of humor?

Yesterday I was talking to someone who appreciates a sense of humor. And I am quite afraid I don't have a very strong sense of humor. Why is a humor a sense? I digress. So I tried to explain the humor I grew up with by saying the following. The jokes I most heard growing up were either Swedish or the type you find on a laffy taffy wrapper. Here are two of the most verbalized examples.

Joke 1: Ollie and Lena were sitting in a car (or maybe they were driving? I don't quite remember). Lena said to Ollie "Ollie my hands are cold and nobody loves me." Ollie looked at Lena and replied. "Sit on your hands. God loves you."

Joke 2: Every time we drove past a cemetery while on a road trip my dad would say "Hey those people are just dying to get in there."

Reading these jokes you can imagine how I work with sarcasm. My dad is great at telling jokes to 4 year olds. They love him. Sarcasmly gifted people, I think you all need to wear t-shirts. I love you. I'm growing. But I respond to you (as some of you already know) by saying "Really?" and a minute later I say "O you were kidding." Which some of you think is pretty funny. I'm sarcastically challenged I think.

Anyway, the girl I was talking with responded to my explanation of being humor challenged by saying I was cute. Which I thought was funny. :)


~Deb said...

Ok ok ok... I am QUEEN of offending someone with my sarcasm - and through text, it comes out AWFUL! ha! But people with little sense of humor seem to get offended by me very easily.

Joke #1, I didn't quite understand - lack of humor on my part or just not getting it. Who knows.

Joke #2 I spit my coffee onto my screen - I'll send you the bill!!!

Too funny.




I just looked at the capcha (whatever that's called) and saw that it spelled out *fuckyu*...




I don't even want to type that out.

titration said...

Hee hee. Yeah I dig sarcastic people I just need someone to explain things sometimes.

Joke 1 - I think my dad thinks it's funny because Lena wanted Ollie to hold her hand and tell her he loved her and he wouldn't and this is a somewhat swedish trait. To be of few words and matter of fact logic.

Woh. I have no idea what's up with capcha... I've never seen that before.

(no subject) said...

yes, why IS humor a sense? i have wondered that before...

and i suck at sarcasm too...either i offend people or they just look at me sideways like i've got something wrong upstairs...=)

Michael Tyas said...

Seriously. I don't get humor some times. I think it's totally true and go deadpan.