Sunday, January 13, 2008

New years resolution #1 accomplished: Bloody Mary

So I think I had a post a while back about how this year my new years resolutions were going to be easy little things. 1) Drink a bloody Mary for the first time. 2) Take in my recycling. And I accomplished the first one this morning at a breakfast place my friend Lynnae and I dig called LuLu's. We were served by a funky pink haired waitress.

Sometimes I wonder what someone, in this case the pink haired waitress, would do, if I said: "Will you marry me?" in the way people say that when they really need something like coffee and someone gives it to them unexpectedly. Just imagining saying that to a stranger who is serving me, makes me grin. Yeah, I'm a dork.

O, so I was talking about bloody Mary drinks. This one had Wasabi in it. It did not have meat with it like the above one though but this is the drink that looked the most like what I had. It was pretty strong. And I didn't like it. But this does not make my accomplishment of this resolution any less accomplished. I may give it another chance someday when there isn't Wasabi in it. But right now I'm done. :)

O and then I went to church. My old church. And saw some of you all who I dig. Hi jess! And it was actually pretty good. Perhaps better than good because I had a bloody mary right before hand. Although for the record I only was able to finish about 1/4 of the thing...

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Casdok said...

Looks very impressive! Shame you didnt like it.