Monday, January 21, 2008

Lovely day... school and skipping

Happy Martin Luther King Day!

Yesterday was so lovely. I slept in a bit, went to career counseling class all the while nearly skipping down the street, and whistling in the cold, to that song I posted here yesterday. When I got to class I found out my instructor had fell and broke her arm. She didn't know how to tell us so she came to class anyway. And we only had class for an hour. I had thought I would have an entire day of class and suddenly I had the whole day free. So once again I put on my ipod and nearly skipped, whistled down the street on my way home.

Lynnae and John were free so they spontaneously came over and I made brown rice, orange chicken (thank you trader joes's), broccoli and we also had this Belgium beer I brought back from Belgium which we all agreed was fantastic. Sometimes I am surprised that I have these super cool hetro couples to be friends with. I think in some irrational part of my mind I thought when I came out that I would lose this. Crazy I know.

I spent the rest of the evening reading for my "counseling of men" course. I have five books to read. I am trying to think of people like my dad, brother, male mentors, and friends husbands when I read this. I care about them and want to understand who they are. I hope ultimately that will inspire me to keep reading. I feel a good deal of empathy as we watch movies like "Raising Cain". And this isn't just about heterosexual men (Thank God). There has been mention of gay men as well. Still...

Last night I had to read about males going through puberty and "developing" their sexuality and masculinity. I found it hard to pay attention. About every ten minutes I found myself thinking about a girl and then I have to bring myself on back to the reading. Arrg. Wish me luck here I go to read some more.

The best quote I read so far was this one. It introduced a chapter of stories on men not talking about feelings or what it means to be a man. I like the quote.
Stillness is what creates love
Movement is what creates life
To be still,
yet still moving—
That is everything!

-Do Hyun Choe, Japanese Master


Casdok said...

Good luck with the reading!!

Love the quote.

Lynnae said...

I'm so glad we were able to be a part of your lovely day!!! We had so much fun!

titration said...

Thanks. :) And yeah that is a good quote.