Saturday, January 26, 2008

Laying in bed blogging

J and I are both in our separate beds each blogging or skyping or emailing... Finally a relaxing Saturday morning. I over committed myself this week which I don't do very often and it was so cold and I had cramps. All combined let's just say I am very very grateful for this morning for mellow other plans with j.

So the aptitudes tests I took this week: I went in two days and took verbal memory tests, math memory tests, speed tests, creativity and brainstorming tests, language tests, tests where I put together blocks and had to rearrange items on a board and more.There were about 26 scores all together.

So I know that these things just test natural aptitudes and aren't about being right or wrong but I still feel a bit bad that I had low scores on stuff. I had two main high scores. They were in forsight and ideaphoria (divergent thinking).
The ideaphoria test measures the rate of flow of your ideas. High ideaphoria people should choose work that gives them an outlet for their ideas. Sales, advertising, journalism, and teaching are examples. Why? The teacher is trying to keep a class alert and interested, the journalist struggling to complete a story before a deadline, the salesperson thinking of the one last persuasive point to clinch a sale are all exercising their ideaphoria. (from the Johnson O'Conner materials)
Foresight is an aptitude for seeing possibilities.
Those scoring high should set long-term challenging goals. They tend to have a sense of vision that can help them see beyond obstacles to complete objectives.... Those with low foresight seem to be more literal and immediate and are good at getting things done in the here and now.
This stuff I sortof knew already. I love brainstorming and setting goals. Were all these tests worth $600.00? I am not yet sure. I did learn a lot about myself. And I do think this may help me determine what I will do next, more than what I am learning in my career planning class right now but... hmmm. I will use my ideaphoria skills and my foresight goal planning skills to plan my future. It's not about what job one chooses but how the aptitudes work in the job. We talked about all the different types of counseling and the types that would fit my aptitudes better. Cognitive behavioral or any type of psychological testing would not fit me. Counseling that is more like coaching or teaching about a specialty like anger management (there was other stuff about me needing a specialty in all this) would work better.

O, I also had high finger dexterity skills. (grin) Hee hee hee.


Casdok said...

Interesting stuff! Will be interested to see where it leads.

Cheryl said...

Well, the high score on the finger dexterity tests might not get you a job in the typing pool, but it will certainly make you a popular date. ;)

titration said...

cheryl I laughed out loud at that. Then I told my friend j what I had wrote and your comment and she said "No, you didn't say that!"