Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I almost burned my workplace down...

So I have this lamp in my office. And I needed to make a test video for work, so I moved the lamp against the wall so I had more white wall space. Unknowingly I moved the lamp so the lamp shade was leaning against a poster.

I stepped out to make lunch and then luckily decided to go back into my office. I walked into my office with my boss. And we both smelled burning.

Now I have the smell of burnt plastic in my office and a hole in the lamp shade. It melted itself against the poster.

O the smell of burnt plastic right after lunch. Yum. :)


Casdok said...


Sarah said...

Not that there is any appropriate time to burn down the office building, but this month would NOT be the one! Glad everyone is safe. :)

(no subject) said...

when i was trying to change the lighting for pictures i was taking for my photo class a couple of years ago!
isn't it a great smell!?