Monday, January 14, 2008

A gay and lesbian blood type?

This was my evening last night. I started to color this super cool velvet poster my brother gave me for Christmas. That was until I was reminded that velvet fabric gives me the chills. I'm going to have to use paint instead of markers so I don't get the chills. So then I grabbed my laptop and surfed the internet. Look what I found!

Have you all seen heard of this study on gays and lesbians called "It's in the blood" from Box Turtle Bulletin. I am so intrigued.

Using a sample of over 7,000 participants, sociologists at Minot State University in North Dakota identified a correlation between sexual orientation and both blood type and Rh factor.
Heterosexual males and females exhibited statistically identical frequencies of the A blood type, while gay men exhibited a relatively low incidence and lesbians had a relatively high incidence (p < .05). In the case of the Rh factor, unusually high proportions of homosexuals of both sexes were Rh- when compared to heterosexuals (p < .06). The findings suggest that a connection may exist between sexual orientation and genes both on chromosome 9 (where blood type is determined) and on chromosome 1 (where the Rh factor is regulated). [here's the study link]


Casdok said...

Like with autism and their research, does this mean they will try and cure you?

~Deb said...

Can you imagine if they tried to "cure" us? That's awful!

But, I knew it couldn't have anything to do with "choice", unless of course, it was a forced choice.

Which would leave us where?

Back in the old dusty closet! Bleck!