Friday, January 18, 2008

Blueberry Waffles and the stupid locker room

Here is a proper journal like blog entry. :) Yesterday I wanted to eat blueberry waffles for two meals, I love them, but I only let myself eat them for breakfast. This morning I am also drinking coffee and eating blueberry waffles while sitting in bed, thank you very much. :) Which, I might add is better than a blogger I read yesterday who ate tuna fish for breakfast. Although that is protein. Does anyone else have a "I only eat breakfast food for breakfast" thing like me? I ate pizza for breakfast maybe once. I adore breakfast.

Anyway, I actually was productive at work! And then I went to the spin or group ride class at the gym. It kicked my ass, um literally! I woke up with my butt in pain, and not because I was sore from working out, but because of the bike seat. Leaving class I took two steps down the stairs and my legs started to go out from under me. Luckily my legs thought better of this downward forward movement and they straightened the heck up. Not that they are straight but (grin). Although they may also have gone out from under me because the teacher was swoon worthy.

Can I say how much I hate locker rooms? Trust me I do a great job not looking anywhere, ever. If you are/were straight would you stand in a guys locker room and change and look around? Hell no. Well at least most of the women I know wouldn't. Anyway, I have the distinct advantage of having really long hair, so I can put it down and pretend that no one is there but me. Ug. Of course in spite of the fact that I played a bit of sports (badly) in highschool I just never got used to the whole locker room thing. Now that I have come out it's even worse because even though those women don't know anything about me, I think more about propriety. And there is this large group of older Korean women who act like the place is a spa and walk around naked. Ahhhh! I do not want to see you naked. If I was dating you, yes the even if I thought I shouldn't, but in every day life... no. I can't speak for any other lesbians on this topic but I have some highly tuned "what is proper" sensibilities. Plus sometimes I fear straight friend won't want to work out with me because I'm gay. I think so far this has been irrational but I still worry.


~Deb said...

Well first of all, I CANNOT eat breakfast food anytime other than the morning. My girlfriend always says, "You want me to make an omelet?" And I cringe at the thought, because that involves coffee and maybe some hash browns, right? I just don't get it. The one breakfast food I can totally get into anytime of the day or night is lox. I love sushi - so fish is totally cool with me. BUT-----has to be ONLY salmon. I love love love it!!!

As far as the locker room scenario - I had this really huge lady - I'm talking 400 lbs or so, walk up to me NAKED to start a conversation with me. I didn't know where to look or what to do. Now, God bless her that she's at the gym and she has the self-esteem of a cocky supermodel - but for the love of God - cover it up!!!

I'm with ya!

I hope you have an incredible weekend!


Cheryl said...

I LOVE breakfast for dinner!! I guess that's why Cracker Barrel restaurants and Waffle Houses are so popular here in the South....24 hr a day breakfasts!!! :)

RE: Locker rooms. I'm so modest that I think I'm like you. I try to look anywhere BUT at other people, and usually choose to avoid locker rooms altogether if possible.

And honestly, seeing other women naked does not do for me "turn on-wise" what it seems to do for men. I appreciate a nice male body as much as do a nice female body, but it's in a non-sexual way. It's more like "Wow!" Aren't we fearfully and wonderfully made?! I have to know something about someone and care about them before seeing them naked turns me on. Maybe I'm odd that way, but nudity alone doesn't get me going. If you're that way too and you think your straight friends might be "afraid" to be with you, just let them know it's not a turn on. If it IS a turn on, then keep it to yourself. :)

Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

I'm gay and I don't like seeing women in the locker room walking around naked. It takes away the mystery.

titration said...

deb - you are too funny! Hmmm. I think I should try some lox if you love it so much.

cheryl - No waffel houses where I live but we do have cracker barrel's somewhere. The modest lesbian. That would be a funny book title...

AND straight friends it is not a turn on!

lksn - oooo mystery. Totally. Well said. :)

Zuzu said...

My two cents on the whole naked topic thing.. it might help to hang out at some clothing optional spas and spaces - desensitize yourself to the whole naked body (male or female thing.) There are clothing optional spas and hot springs in California - I find them rather liberating. I think it's beautiful to see people confident and comfortable in their bodies.. all shapes and sizes, ages, etc. It's "sexy" even though I don't find it "sexual" in those contexts, at all.

As for the locker room.... if people don't want to be seen naked, then they could go change their clothes in a bathroom stall or something I suppose. Let other people be self conscious about their nudity, in your shoes, I'd likely figure out how I can become more comfortable around it.

And for my straight friends... sometimes it's a turn on... it really all depends(on how hot I think you are), but chances are probably fairly great that you're not my type. Personally, I'm not into the dominant culture stereotype of feminine beauty and Suicide Girls really don't mind if you look (wink.)

titration said...

zuzu - :) hi. I have this feeling about going to one of those spas. Like it would be soooo scary to think about going or whatever but then totally great and liberating.

And I don't want to go change in a bathroom stall either. I liked this line "Let other people be self conscious about their nudity".

TweetyJill said...

I used to be totally fine with nudity in high school. I was in a boarding school and we would walk the bathroom (stalls with no curtains) with complete ease. Sexuality was a non issue then(at least for me).

And then I moved to the US. After I realised that I had traumatized my first year roommate by walking around the room, I became more self conscious. Now I don't have anything to do with locker rooms.

The imppression outside the country is that Americans are very liberal. I find it amusing how not liberal they are when it comes to nudity.