Monday, December 17, 2007

Yahoo for snow, and brunch, and figuring out...

I've just figured out I'm allergic to my glasses. Weird eh. I wasn't allergic to them before, and now I am. I actually have been trying to figure out what I've been alergic to for months. So I've been wearing contacts for three days (which I normally don't do) and I'm better. At least I now know why the back of my ears, head, and neck were turning red. I bet no one even noticed. Which I'm glad about and sad about all at the same time. Frankly I would like someone, a particular type of someone, to notice the skin behind my ears.

In addition to this discovery about myself, yesterday was FABULOUS! I liked the snow. I liked the smell of winter. I liked brushing and scraping my car off. I had visions of scraping the car of for someone. Then Lynnae & Co. and I found this fabulous new brunch place (The Bongo Room) where we drank 40 cups of coffee refilled by a very lovely waitress with a cool rose tattoo who I think paid us special attention, but really she was probably just being nice for tips. I had pumpkin, graham cracker pancakes. O my word were they good! We talked about fun random things like the fact that everyone in a particular neighborhood had bangs (for their hair). Only Lynnae would notice this which I like about her. And then we found this really cool and crazy bookstore that was two and 1/2 stories and had a cat in it which I found to be curiously proper for the place.

This day was followed by an evening of curling up with my new Fir tree smelling candle. Seriously it is one of the best smelling candles EVER! It was a great day.


Lynnae said...

have such warm tingles over yesterday too!!! I fell asleep last night fantasizing and reliving that darling meal.

just me - titration said...

Let's go back... :) Ok maybe after christmas. :)