Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Vikings won and I need book recommendations

The video I posted today was so depressing that I need to post something more positive. Let's talk about football. :) I was born in Minnesota so I've somehow always been a Minnesota Vikings fan even though I don't live there. And wow, was that a fun game last night. Go Vikings! I kindof wished I had stayed at the pub last night with friends and watched the whole thing there. But alas I watched the end at home. Oddly enough the Vikings are really the only team I care anything about. I put football on sometimes just because I find it soothing. Weird eh. I think this has something to do with the fact that in previous years when my parents would come for a pastors conference and they would stay with me I found the superbowl an amazingly wonderful buffer for us.

Also I've been given a $150. Amazon.com gift certificate. Anyone want to recommend some books to me?


(no subject) said...

i recommend anything by jodi picoult. she has a GREAT writing style and she isn't afraid to write about things that society tends to hush up. i HIGHLY recommend "my sister's keeper" and "vanishing acts"

titration said...

That is just too weird. I just had another friend recommend Jodi Picoult when she read this. Crazy! Guess I should read her then.

Cheryl said...

Three books I'd recommend: one religious, one that will make you laugh your ass off, and one because it's my all-time favorite and I think you'd like it too.

Religious: The Heart of Christianity by Marcus Borg—a totally new paradigm for how you relate to/believe in Jesus, the Bible, God

Funny: A Girl Name Zippy by Haven Kimmel—one of the best memoirs of an average person in an average town that you'd ever want to read. Check out the Amazon reviews.

My favorite: A Boy's Life by Robert McCammon. McCammon actually is known for his horror novels, but this is not a horror story. Again, read the Amazon reviews. You won't be sorry if you buy this book.

Let us know what you end up getting to read. (I won't be offended if you don't take my advice. (Sniff))

Zuzu said...

I really enjoyed "The Man Who Fell In Love With The Moon" and also Jane Anne Phillip's "Shelter" (As well as her shorts - especially "Black Tickets.")

titration said...

cheryl and zuzu - thanks for the recommendations! Those sound really great. And I shall let you know what books I buy on some future blog post after christmas.