Friday, December 21, 2007

Santa Came to Dinner last night

So last night I met up with a girl from my coming out support group for dinner. The restaurant ended up being this dark candle lit place with a fireplace. I picked it but I really wasn't going for a romantic feel by any means. But still it was super fun. She's an artist so we talked about painting and drawing and graphic novels, which I know nothing about. Besides the art thing and being gay we have hardly anything in common. She is sans-faith/religion and is REALLY into dogs and cats.... I am so allergic! Anyway my point here is that while eating dinner a fully dressed up Santa Claus came into the restaurant with about 15 helpers in hats and they sung three christmas carols. I've never had that happen before. At first I felt really anxious because they were singing silent night and some other hymn like carol. I thought that maybe they were from a church and going to force a hyper awkward moment of handing out tracks or something. But I guess they were from this cooking store down the street and they even gave one woman a present. After I learned that I was glad they visited. It was no strings attached caroling. It's so sad that I assumed they were there for any reason other than spreading joy. And it did. The less skeptical people in the pub sang along, grinned and clapped.

And yes I am going to Texas for a bit to hang with family. I am so grateful it's in Texas this year and that the church we go to will be new to me. Just a change feels good. I am a bit anxious about any conversations that come up due to my coming out this year but I think it will be ok.

And this has nothing to do with anything in this post. It's a video going around the internet. It just makes me laugh.

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Cheryl said...

Hope you have a great time with family in Texas. Just remember to pick your battles and take deep breaths when you feel anxious. :)

Merry Christmas!!!