Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas to me! Woo hoo wifi at home

So I have been doing this blogging from cafe's and sometimes from work but now guess what! I can blog from home. It's so cold here where I live and it's been frustrating to go out sometimes when I want to check email or surf to blogs of note. So I was talking about this with the woman who is my landlady and we realized it's only about $8 bucks more to get wifi for the whole place (she lives above me) than what she had before on her own. So I am paying about $8.something for internet a month. This is so great right now in particular because flights are getting delayed and now I can just check online to see if my flight to Texas is on or not. I must be the most blessed person ever in the world. :)

And today there weren't many people at church but it felt really good to be there. It's a cozy feeling place. For all of my life thus far I have sprinted from little multi-generational churches with stained glass and all ages because it reminded me so much of the little rural churches my dad pastored and I sought out life and energy and large young growing churches. But I did like the little churches homey feel and intimacy of it. In this church I now have all the good stuff of a little cozy artsy church and none of the deadness. And it's growing the cute little thing. I dig it. :)

My take away from church was a reminder that the biblical identity of Jesus as light and love has always been what I feel most easy to connect with in Jesus (duh). I like to think about light and love born and what the birth of light and love would look like. No painting or image has been produced from that but... so fun to imagine. Would it be fireworks like or the intimacy of clay and potters wheel.

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