Monday, November 26, 2007

The weirdest bathroom ever - Amsterdam - Club 11

We went to Club 11 in Amsterdam and it was what I would call an unusual experience. My friend Mariken who lives there recommended it to us. The club itself looked like a pretty normal place, but the walls on the way in and the bathroom outside the place were at times weird, graphic, sexual and some things on the walls seemed racist or violent. For that I don't have any pictures. What I do have is a couple pictures here of the women's bathroom stalls. They had detailed diagrams of a persons internal organs. Wonder why? It was a very educational bathroom I guess. I just googled "Club 11 Amsterdam" and saw this comment on it by someone. It totally describes the experience, except for the fact that we were not there on a weekend and it was closing, so we didn't get the full experience. Um. It was a little scary.
"The entrance to the place is a bit like a disused crack house. You come in through a corridor of grafitti and up in the service elevator - I really thought my hosts were taking me somewhere to kill me! We then entered the most sleek, spacious and stylish looking restaurant I've seen for ages - only in mainland Europe do you get the mixture of slightly bizarre/scary with sleek and stylish"

And this is leftover from when I was in Paris. We arrived at the Eiffel tower right when it started to blink and so I took a couple second video of it.

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