Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thoughts on church

I was back at the church where I am still a member, but where they aren't sure what to do with homosexuality. I think if possible I will go back next week. I want to hear how the pastor closes up this topic. In the beginning he talked about how many people of my generation don't go to church and have no interest. He also mentioned how christians are viewed by wider society to be judgmental, haters of gay people, and not relevant. Then he went right into a sermon on Daniel, but didn't ever do anything much with the teasers he started with.

The whole sermon I had this weird feeling that something odd was going on. I don't know what, but something, like maybe he was preaching to a specific person. There was an alter call at the end which made me nervous. I don't know why, besides that I keep thinking if I brought a friend (like the girl from my "coming out" support group) they would want to leave or at least might feel uncomfortable. Plus, he started crying during the alter call in a way you could hear in the mike. It was confusing as to what he was crying about. I also get the feeling he's reading the book"Everything must change", that everyone and their mother seems to be blogging about. [Read what the blog Revolution in Jesusland has to say] The sermon series is even called Revolutionaries so.... Hmmm.

Anyway, I am glad I went because I saw my friends Sarah D. and Jessica. They "rock the free world!" I was ducking out of church quick and Sarah was at the door. :) She said I should have someone go with me. Thanks Sarah! Jessica volunteered to ride with me when I go meet my folks so I have someone to drive back with, and process with. Totally sweet eh! :) Sometimes I think I shall just chuck going to church all-together and just go to community groups.

In other semi-related news I hung out last night with the woman from Amsterdam that I met at the conference. It was nice. She is about my age. I will visit her when I go to Amsterdam for thanksgiving.

The most interesting part of the night was hearing her explain why people don't go to church in the Netherlands. She said that in the 60's and 70's all the different christian churches were really split and didn't talk to each other. "So people just decided they were done with that." (That's nearly a direct quote). She says her parents, her boyfriends parents, and the parents of some of her friends who were raised in the church all just left it during this time period. I found it most interesting that she thinks it was this fighting and not getting along that caused everyone to leave.

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