Thursday, September 27, 2007

What? My being gay is an advantage? Who knew.

I handed in a reflection paper about multi-cultural counseling and how I was unsure that it's possible. I reflected on my experience in counseling. Mostly I'd say my counselor wasn't resourced to talk about issues of gay and lesbian clients.

Afterwards my professor called me aside and wanted to talk to me about it. And we talked for an hour where she just affirmed me and accepted me. I had some fears that in "coming out" it might affect my job prospects. But nope. She said my being different is an advantage. There are counseling centers who only want to hire someone who is gay or lesbian and who has come out because it can help their clients. I have an advantage in understanding that whole experience and it could help me in a job. Plus I can talk about issues of faith and religion that so often get tied up in a person's acceptance and coming out process.

I realize some of you might be thinking "Duh!" But it was so great to realize this aspect of me and my experiences of healing from cutting and acceptance of my sexuality are advantages. Not only that some clients only want to see someone who is gay if that's what they are struggling with. How great is that.

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