Friday, September 21, 2007

A new page - literally

I find it deeply ironic that I have just ended a journal and started a new one. It's like it parallels my coming out journey. There's something so wonderful about new seasons and new blank white books to fill. My last journal amongst all my others (I've been journaling since 1992) is quite the ponderation (yep, that's a real word).

What will this one tell about? What do I want it to tell me about? Coherent stories and feelings of course, and where God is in my life.

So I thought this and drank coffee this morning. I read Thomas Merton talk of being unable to ponder John, chapter 6. I thought my own thoughts though about how Jesus cared in that passage (feeding the 5,000) about hungers. And then I wrote my first words on white unlined paper.

What is different about journaling to oneself and blogging to a random cyber-audience? I keep wondering. And I both journal and blog. Maybe it's why I am not panicking? Maybe not? I keep writing everywhere I am it seems. Although no walls have been spray painted yet.

O, no word from the folks. But wow am I having some crazy good dreams these days. :)

Also as a p.s. This video jj posted here made me get all teary just now. Wow! Do watch it. I know you may typically skip links on things but this one is worth the minute. Just trust me.

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Zuzu said...

That video link was incredibly powerful and beautiful and real. Thank for sharing!