Thursday, August 30, 2007

I wish I could thank the two Muslim women who made my day!

So this morning I awoke and got ready. Used this new stuff on my out of control curly hair (which is not of course the point of this story) And it did not really do wonders. I ate my breakfast. I felt fear and anxiety about my root canal. I got all my stuff gathered for my family system class and the doorbell upstairs rings. Then my landlady comes downstairs and hands me my wallet.

She says "Two Muslim women in those head scarves just threw this into the mail slot." O my WORD! I cannot express how grateful I was. It would have been a very very very bad day without my wallet. Losing my wallet and getting a root canal in one day would have made me really sad. I am quite sure I would have cried in frustration. Instead all day I felt like I was probably the luckiest person ever. I know it's cheesy but today I think God knew I would not have handled the loss of my identity and the attempt to get everything canceled very well.

I really wish I could thank them somehow. I am pondering writing on the side walk with chalk a thank you to see if they see it. It could be guerrilla art like. :) How lovely are they eh? I didn't even lose a thing.

In other news my family therapy class is going to be FANTASTIC! And I made it through the root canal. The guy that did it was so VERY kind and gentle. He knew I have some dentist fears. I have to go back for them to finish it up though in a week. Yuck. I learned listening to music on my ipod while they were drilling helped. Mental note: always take ipod to the dentist. I learned that fast loud music works best. You would think soothing music would be best, but no. It needs to be loud and energetic enough to distract you from the drilling noise.

OK so if you are tracking with me here, things that help are kind people who do random acts of kindness and taking your ipod to the dentist.

Anyone want to share what helps you at the dentist??? Or are you blocking those memories? :)


Elaine said...

My dentist has this cool head-set thingy that you can watch movies on while they work on your teeth. I love it!

Christine Bakke said...

The thing that helps me most at the dentist is nitrous. ;)

So glad you got your wallet back!

Zuzu said...

I once found this guy's wallet who lives in my small town. He wasn't listed in the phone book and didn't know where his address is/was. I ended up calling his insurance carrier who, after some arguing, agreed to set up a three-way call so I could talk to the guy and we could arrange a place to meet so I could give him his wallet (I offered that I'd just drop it off at the police station, but he was insistent that meeting at a familiar bridge was more convenient.. and certainly it was a tad bit closer to where I was compared to the police station, but really.. six of one... as they say.) Anyways, I met him and returned his wallet (everything was in it but I'd rifled through it quite a bit trying to figure out how to contact him.) He was dumbstruck and couldn't believe that someone would return his wallet like that - with all the cash in tact (he had several hundred dollars in cash in it, etc.) though he wasn't worried and didn't care so much about the cash, he just went on and on about how amazing that was. And it made me feel very, very sad that act of common decency had been elevated to some form of heroism. It's just what we're supposed to do when we find something that doesn't belong to us - it doesn't make us special or particularly kind or anything.. it simply makes us basically human - doing the bare minimum of decent. And for the people who don't - well, you have to pity them - what kind of family raised them not to just do the commonly decent thing?

Anonymous said...

the only thing that helps me at the dentist is that my dentist is wonderful. i have some horror stories and he is soooo patient with me. that and he gives me laughing gas, which feels like the equivalent of a vodka shot - which helps. ;) - m.

alex said...

there are still some good people in the world

just me said...

Hi all thanks for the dentist advice... since I have to go back! ug. And yep Alex there really are good people in the world!