Thursday, July 12, 2007

Homosexuality and the Generation Gap

Several months ago I was talking to a guy who chairs a commission to study his denominations view on homosexuality. Not my denomination. Anyway they did a massive survey on what people in their denomination think about homosexuality. I found conversation with him utterly fascinating. His particular denomination could split so they are having these conversations and doing these surveys with immense intentionality. From what I can tell they need to find a "third way" or split as a denomination.

One of the most fascinating things he said was that he can tell you with almost 100% accuracy what someone thinks on homosexuality based on what generation they are in. Crazy eh!

I was thinking about this while talking to my friend "L" the other night. She says to me, "You think you are being cryptic but you need to know you are not being as cryptic as you think." And I compared this to my friend "js" someone in an older generation who said to me "People don't notice. They see what they want to see." And I realized that many people my age either have guessed or suspect I'm talking about being gay when I say one cryptic thing. And lately I've found I am doing this more in my abysmal attempts to dodge the question "How are you?"

People of older generations, at least where I work, are oblivious. "js" is right. In fact they think I'm getting all girly and perhaps seeing a boy, commenting on my skirts and such. I am getting all girly... ;) but not exactly how they think. In comparison even my friends who think my only option in life is celibacy at least aren't shocked and many had guessed. My generation has a radically different mindset solely based on their age. "L" said she thought it was because we have grown up with TV shows like "Will & Grace".

I don't really have a point with all this. It's just something to note.

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