Friday, June 29, 2007

Poem: Virginity

This is my first attempt to say anything on virginity. It's a rant, it's jello like and totally not solid, I am just trying to let off some steam because I'm frustrated maybe a bit angry. (so do keep that in mind).

My virginity is NOT a thing to fix, concur, lose.
Damn-it. It just is.
My virginity, is NOT pen-ultimate, like the church says
with it's years of paranoia, making sex into more and less than it deserves.
And to "you know who you are" ms. indiana
My virginity needs no help, just contextualization.
So you rule makers and rule breakers
You who call at me from books and steeples
From dates emails and you match-up peoples.
None of you have it right.
There are no cl "first time" ad's in me.
And you, "church", throw out your "why wait" videos and
pandora's box preachers.
That unleashing is a fleecing.
You are speaking French to those who read in braille.
Me, I just waited, not for a why, but for the elements.
Don't save me from my future or force help me into it.
For you voices from the pulpit and from Ms. Indiana.
I am already saved and helped.


Sarah said...

Nice...I really like it! :)

~DAwn said...

Loud and Clear... well said.

just me said...

thanks Sarah and Dawn for your cheerleading. :)