Friday, March 23, 2007

The sweet spots in the Evangelical Christian and Gay communities

What is a sweet spot (my new endearment for sweet people/groups)? Wikipedia says this about a sweet spot "A sweet spot is a place, often numerical as opposed to physical, where a combination of factors suggest a particularly suitable solution.

I would like to add my ever evolving very embryonic definition of a "sweet spot community" or a person.

Sweet spots are centered, they balance things, they cause other elements to be rightly propelled. Sweet spots are authentic, are that which others want to be near, similar to a ball and a racket. You always want the ball to hit the sweet spot on a racket. A particular perspective politically, religiously, or in regards to sexual orientation doesn't sour a sweet spot. A sweet spot could be an evangelical christian or lesbian/gay without any faith. It's the core not that context that makes it sweet.

For me right now sweet spots in the christian evangelical community are people who love me the same now as before. To push the analogy even farther, they don't turn sour. In fact they have no sourness about them. Sweet spots in the gay community are individuals who tell their story with vulnerability and authenticity. They have no sourness towards faith even though there are some sourness they've experienced especially from evangelicals and the church. My new example of this would be "e" who I am becoming friends with and hung out with on Sat. She has kindness coming out of her pores like it was garlic she ate too much of. And the reason this is stunning is because she has been hurt by the church but has not gotten a sour heart due to it. My cousin zu and some bloggers I've found recently are also sweet spots. (I will write about them in a future post.)

There are more sweet spots in the world than you'd think or than media seems to display. And these sweet spots need some praise. Yes there are sours out there. And yes the tendency to turn sour if you are christian and gay is strong. But today I just want to give thanks and celebrate sweet spots.

Find the good and praise it! Alex Haley

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