Friday, February 23, 2007

Tattooed women in Omaha, NE

I'm sitting in Brueggers bagel's in Omaha, NE. I am here today because my flight was canceled yesterday. It's not so bad. I got to do a bit more training of the fine folks in the office I am visiting. I also am in love with Brueggers bagels. They have good coffee, much faster wifi than my hotel, AND...

There is a woman who works here this morning with two fantastic tattoo's. One I saw on her arm and one she described on her back. Who knew Omaha was a good place for tattoo's. According to her there are award winning tattoo artists here. So there's goes a judgment.

Her tattoo is the lovely Picasso drawing (see image above). And I guess on her back she also has a piece of art (which sounded lovely) a tree line drawing by a famous artist I hadn't heard of.

Now you all who know me and read this blog would know that I am fan of art. So how attractive a woman with a picasso on her arm. Of course I have awful gaydar but I did chat her up for for a chunk of time. There probably are gay people in Omaha but I think it would be a harder place to be gay or figure that out.

I looked on craig's list to see if there were any gay women in Omaha. Just out of curiosity. Craigs list is pretty much dead in that category. Alas. I fly out at noon anyway.

So I leave you with this Picasso picture as I finish my coffee.

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